Richard Kuklinski, United States Most Famous Assassin

Richard Kuklinski is the most famous assassin in history. Named the "Iceman", Kuklinski is estimated to have killed more than 300 people in New York and New Jersey between 1949-1988.

Born on April 11, 1935 in New Jersey, his father was a railroad worker and a bottler. Her mother was a very religious person and worked in a meat factory. Kuklinski grew up in a broken family. As a child, Kuklinski loved torturing animals and killing his neighbors' cats.

However, he has never murdered women or children since he was called "Assassin". Kuklinski committed his first murder at the age of 14.

The first victim of Kuklinski was a child who always bullied him. Due to the inability to be bullied and ridiculed, Kuklinski decided to retaliate by hitting the boy's head with an iron rod. and dumped the body under the Jersey bridge.

By the early twenties, Kuklinski had become a well-known killer in Manhattan. Most of the victims were shot or stabbed, and their bodies would be removed. He kills to earn money, besides defeating anyone who opposes him.

Kuklinski also killed many of the homeless just to try his new gun or rifle. His succession later attracted the attention of various mafia groups to exploit his murderous talent.

By the 1960s, Kuklinski was working for an American mafia led by a ruthless man named Roy DeMeo. Roy DeMeo is part of the famed Gambino criminal family. Roy had recruited Richard Kuklinski as a mercenary for the Gambino family.

His childhood background and trauma have fueled Kuklinski's self-loathing for so long that he has become a professional wage earner who works without emotion and compassion.

Richard Kuklinski was given the title of Iceman because of the well-known modus operandi used to freeze the corpse before he dumped it elsewhere. In this way, the forensics do not know the exact time of death and this makes it difficult for the police to investigate and identify the real killer.

This he learned from Robert Pronge, a murderous friend who worked with him for the Gambino family. In addition, Kuklinski will cut his fingerprints so that police will not be able to detect the fingerprints and if there is time, Kuklinski will remove all of his victim's teeth so that they cannot be identified.

In December of 1986, police finally identified Kuklinski as the killer after finding convincing evidence. Kuklinski was immediately arrested while having breakfast with his wife at home. Apparently, Kuklinski's mafia friend turned his back and cooperated with the police.

His friend was wearing a voice recorder and met Kuklinski and pretended to talk about the murder contract. After a lengthy trial, Kuklinski was eventually found guilty of seven murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Kuklinski, is a loving father with his wife Barbara and his two daughters, Merrick and Christin

On March 5, 2006, Kuklinski died in prison in Trenton, New Jersey, at the age of 70 due to "Kawasaki" (a blood-related disease)

Before his death, Kuklinski was asked ... are you an assassin? Kuklinski replied "no, I'm just a murderer"

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