Run To Alaska For Being Away From Human Civilization

Christopher McCandless is a native of El Segundo, California. He is a top student at Emory College, and has offered to pursue a degree at Harvard in law.

His father was Walter McCandless 'Walt', an antenna specialist who worked for NASA and also had a technology consulting firm. Her mother named Wilhelmina Johnson “Billie” worked as a consultant in the area where they lived.

With the success of both parents in their careers, McCandless easily found all the facilities he needed and had enough to live up to.

Although McCandless's social life is a successful individual, McCandless thinks otherwise. To him, both of his parents were hypocritical middle-class figures.

It's because his father used to abuse his mother. Feeling that he was being "lied to" eventually prompted McCandless to embark on a journey and his own adventure.

“Rather than love, than money, than faith, fame, fairness… give me the truth.”

The beginning of his long journey in the coolness of Alaska was after Christopher McCandless graduated from Emory University on May 12, 1990. McCandless was given a new car gift from his parents. But McCandless declined.

The college money he should have used to continue his studies has been donated to Oxfam International, a charitable foundation that fought against hunger for $ 24,000.

McCandless travels influenced by the works of Jack London, Leo Tolstoy and Henry David Thoreau. McCandless traveled all over the North American continent and finally landed in Alaska in April 1992. McCandless traveled to Alaska with minimal supplies and had no experience living in Alaska.

For a long time, McCandless dreamed of "Alaskan Odyssey". Dream of living in the Alaska desert far from civilization of human life and want to "discover who he really are."

He just brought his supplies. McCandle also has no knowledge of how to survive. He is completely dependent on nature. He is powerfully enduring amidst Alaska's silence.

Jim Gallien, one of the locals who helped McCandless say that McCandless didn't want to see anyone. McCandless gives Jim his watch and discards some of his supplies like money, maps, and even his hairbrush.

McCandless just wants to live life without knowing what day it is, what time or where he is. In the Alaska Desert, McCandless lived aboard in Faibanks 142 bus, a relic of the International Harvester of the 1940s.

In this place he still has a small supply of rice, a Remington 22 LR semi-automatic rifle, a guide to local crops, some other books, and some camping gear. He also often notes what happens in his diary.

McCandless is confident that he can find food from plants and hunt animals. McCandless boasts hedgehogs and birds. He managed to kill the deer, but he didn't know how to cook it.

In July, after staying on the bus for three months, he decided to leave. But the path was cut off by the rapid and high flow of the Teklanika River from when he first crossed it in April. failing to cross, he finally got back on the bus. "Disaster, rain, river looks impossible," He also wrote that he was "lonely, scared."

McCandless stayed on the bus for 113 days. In his last days, he wrote the SOS to ask for help from anyone who found him because he was hurt and feeling too weak. McCandless was last seen on September 6, 1992 by a local hunter named Butch Killian in the bedroom of the bus.

McCandless had been dead for more than two weeks and weighed 30 pounds. Through research, the cause of McCandless's death was suffering from extreme hunger. There is also speculation that he may have swallowed the poisonous seed, Hedysarum alpinum. McCandless died at the age of 24.

On August 12, 1992, McCandless wrote many of the last notes in his diary, one of which was

“I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!”

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