Sloot Digital Coding System

In the past, many people around the world have been busy inventing advanced and useful technologies for future generations. There are also those things that just disappeared after they were created, for example the Sloot Digital Coding System.

In the early 1990s, a man named Romke Jan Bernhard Sloot born August 27, 1945, invented a sophisticated digital file storage technology. This is because the technology has been able to load 10 gigabytes (GB) of files to only 8 kilobytes (kb).

He proved the sophistication of the "Sloot Digital Coding System" in a demonstration by playing 16 continuous films from a storage capacity of 64 KB.

Although many people doubt it, there are investors who are interested in the discovery. Phillips' company has agreed to further collaborate with Jan Sloot. Unfortunately, Sloot was found dead from a heart attack one morning in his home garden.

The diskette at which he stored the program is also gone and has not been found until now. Sloot died on July 11, 1990, one day before signing a deal with the Phillips Company.

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