"Stupid" Virus, According To Dr. Robert Yolken

Stupid is indeed considered as a disgrace to humans. Because, stupid can be categorized that the person does not know anything. Many also consider this brain problem very difficult to be eliminated because it has existed since birth.

But who would have thought, if in fact stupid it might also come from other objects. For example like a virus. Some time ago, there were scientists who discovered that fools could be caused due to a type of virus so that they considered the low iq of someone not to be faulty of themselves or even the genes of parents.

The name of this virus is ATCV-1 or called algae. According to reviewers from Johns Hopkins University and the University of Nebraska, the virus was discovered when scientists looked at the digestive system of mice.

This is because, mice affected by algae virus tend to make mistakes more often. mistakes like confusion when getting a new toy and also difficult to get out of the cage.

According to Dr. Robert Yolken, a professor and virus expert, the ATCV-1 actually infects freshwater green algae that are located in a lake or pond. But how does it spread to humans? The matter is still under investigation.

Dr. Robert Yolken and other scientists have just discovered that the virus can bring about subtle physiological changes in the human body.

The virus does not attack the immune system that can make a person sick, but can affect one's behavior and mental health.

According to biologist David Sanders, from Purdue University, he says the study should be repeated over and over again. According to him, all this time he knew that the decline in brain quality came only from the parent gene or from himself.

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