The Cannon Used To Protect Turkey For 340 Years

The Dardanelles Gun was a giant cannon built by Munir Ali in 1464. The bronze cannon fired a 61 centimeters cannonball and was used to defend Istanbul from enemy attacks.

This large caliber cannon was originally designed to destroy the fort. According to history in 1453, cannons such as the Dardanelles were used by the army of Sultan Mehmet II to conquer Constantinople.

At that time the fort surrounding Constatinople had never been invaded by enemies for 1000 years. Sultan Mehmet II asked Orban, a Hungarian arms designer to produce giant cannons.

What is interesting about Orban is that he originally offered his expertise to the Byzantines but they could not afford his wages and did not have enough technology to produce the cannon that Orban created.

Orban died in 1453 when one of his artillery shells exploded during an attack on Constantinople. After Constantinople was conquered and its name changed to Istanbul, Orban's artillery continued to be manufactured.

In 1807, Britain sent warships to invade Turkey. The Dardanelles cannon was used to fire a British naval fleet that forced them to retreat.

340-year-old weapons and technology can still prevent enemies from attacking. In 1866, the Dardanelles Gun was presented by Sultan Abulaziz to Queen Victoria and is now on display at Fort Nelson Hampshire.

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