The Fuhrer's Own Items Auction

Adolf Hitler's name was known as the leader of the Nazi party. During his rule in Germany, he was hailed as a brutal leader for genocide against millions. Although it passed away decades ago, the legacy of this cruel dictator is still in the interest of collectors. Of course, many of them are willing to pay a high price for owning Adolf Hitler's former possessions.

1. Phonebook

Price: US $ 44k

This is a trusted to be phone book of German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. This leather-bound book contains over 200 handwritten names, addresses and telephone numbers of Nazi high officials.

Some of the names mentioned in the book include Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, Rudolph Hess, Hermann Goering, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, Reinhard Heydrich, Albert Speer and Albert Bormann.

2. Champagne bottles

Price: US $ 2,271

Another hitler's item was a bottle of champagne. The bottle was released in 1937. It is believed to have been obtained from a special balcony where Hitler kept his wine collection at his residence in Munich Jermany.

Towards the end of World War II, when the Germans were about to lose, the German army reportedly put cyanide poison into one of the bottles to prevent them from being captured alive, in other words they were more willing to commit suicide.

3. Drinking glasses

Price: US $ 12,591

This fuhrer's beverage fixture is one of the most sought after antiques. This glass often accompanied Hitler as he was completing his task. Each glass is based on its name, the Swastika emblem, and the eagle that is the nazi empire.

4. Dining Supplies

Price: US $ 16,180

It was used by Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, when they were spending time together in a villa in the mountains.

These objects were found at Hitler's hideout. It also had Hitler's name engraved. Hitler is said to love collecting such equipment and some of them are made of gold.

5. Globe

Price: US $ 15,000 - US $ 20,000

No one knows how many times Hitler used this globe to plan his attack. But historians believe Hitler often viewed the globe.

The globe was discovered by an American soldier named James Barsamian in a corner of Hitler's office. He then kept it and presented it to the public for auction in 2007.

6. Personal drawing

Price: US $ 143,000

There is nothing special about this painting except that it was created and signed directly by Hitler. Hitler had to give up his dream of becoming a painter after being rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts in 1907 and 1908. The painting is believed to be a portrait of himself sitting on a bridge.

7. Kampf Mein Books

Price: US $ 48,000

This book of Hitler's essays is considered special for two reasons. First, because this book is part of the rare edition and was the original in 1925.

Second, because it is one of the very few books signed by the author himself, Adolf Hitler. The book was written by Hitler when imprisoned as a result of the 1923 coup.

8. Phone

Price: US $ 300k

This is a phone used by the dictators of the Nazi era during World War II. The phone was auctioned off at an auction sale by Alexander Historical Auctions. The Associated Press reports that the phone was "a weapon of mass destruction" as it was used by Hitler to give orders that cost many lives during the second world war. To lift the handle, you need to rotate the handle to 60 degrees so that the phone handle is not easily missed.

9. Hitler's desk

Price: US $ 1 million

On this table was signed several important documents that 'held' the fate of millions of people back then. One of the famous documents was the 1938 Munich Treaty signed by the Nazis, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. However, before the Second World War broke out, the treaty was abolished. The desk once owned by a lawyer was later donated to an auction event.

10. Glasses

Price: £ 5000

The glasses are on sale at the Hermann Historica Munich auction house. The Nazi leader wore it at a military conference when his vision deteriorated during World War II. The glasses come in an original black leather case with dark blue velvet that comes with the name Ruhnke's optometrist in Berlin that made it a secret for Hitler.

11. Fiat Torpedo 1939

Price: US $ 377,000

This car is very popular. In addition to Hitler's use, the four-wheeled vehicle also took Mussolini and General Franco around Rome as the Italian king welcomed them. After the Second World War, the classic car became the official vehicle of the Italian prime minister. The car is being sold in the international auction event by COYS.

12. Mercedes-Benz 770K

Price: US $ 8 million

This Mercedes-Benz 770K is one of Hitler's favorite vehicles. This luxury car was made from 1930 to 1943. This car is used in a number of important meetings or events including military visits to take over a capital city. The car was later purchased by a Russian millionaire in 2009.

13. Pants

Price: US $ 6700

Adolf Hitler's pants belong to Bill Panagopoulus. Panagopoulus is the owner of Historical Auction in Cheseapeake City, Maryland. Panagopoulus said the white pants had a loose waist size of about 99 centimeters. These pants were sold at an auction sale event. Hitler lost his white pants after staying at the Parkhotel Graz in Austria in April 1938.

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