The Hunger Tragedy In Eastern Europe

"A boy gives a piece of bread to his friend, but because some other boy was not given, finally the boy was hit and fell to the ground and died. In another corner of the city, seen so many dead bodies."

Those who survive survive in a state of weakness with a thin, reddish body. An excerpt from the above story is a true incident in Ukraine during the years 1932-1933.

At that time, the biggest starvation disaster in history hit one of the eastern European countries. This massive hunger tragedy has killed at least 7 million people.

Holodomor is a term used by Ukrainians to refer to The Hunger Tragedy. After Tsar Nikolas II abdicated and the assassination of the Tsar and all his family members in 1917, the monarch's empire then took power.

Through the Bolsheviks Revolution, Lenin was later elected a leader of the nation and later transformed into a communist ideology. This revolution had a profound effect on the country later called the Soviet Union.

(Lenin led the Russian revolution)

Then powerful government through the red army took over the peasantry land as a state property and had to use it for the benefit of the state.

They also forcibly seized agricultural produce. Even Stalin, who was then head of state, forced young people to serve as food collectors and take over the people's agriculture. After the supply of food Soviet Union suffered a shortage, starvation began to hit every corner.

Stalin never returned the people's lands or food to the hungry. Feeling that food supply in the country continued to decrease drastically, Stalin began to approach Ukraine.

(Joseph Stalin)

The Ukrainian people do not understand the communism that Stalin was trying to spread. Here, Stalin began to act cruelly. Stalin forcibly extracted all the wheat produced throughout the country. He also raised taxes there by 44%, making the Ukrainian people suffer more.

Grocery stores that normally sell bread are not allowed to operate. As a result, locals cannot afford the bread that is their basic food. No less than a million Ukrainians were sent to such scary areas as Siberia.

Some were even sent to forced labor camps. While thousands of other protesters were shot dead. Ukrainian people at the time deliberately ruined their own harvests and even slaughtered livestock. They thought it was better than to fall into the hands of Stalin's troops.

As a result, the catastrophic starvation is inevitable. The hunger occurs throughout the country. Sad scenes can be seen in every corner of the place. The famine was so devastating that one day the number of people dying somewhere reached 25,000 or 17 people in a single minute.

In a village near Kharkov, only one person was found alive, while another was found dead. Some women who were no longer strong enough to hold their hunger then offered sex to the communist army for a slice of bread.

A girl was beaten for taking powdered bread to fill her hungry stomach. Some people who are able to survive, walk around with a thin skin and dry eyes. The bodies of some of the survivors were bluish after a severe winter wind.

In a town called Poltava, an officer found a man fatter than anyone else. Apparently he ate his family member. In a bucket have been found the human heart, lungs, and liver.

At the end of his tenure, Joseph Stalin was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in Russia / the Soviet Union and in Ukraine and the holodomore tragedy was one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies in history.

Soviet historians have tried to cover up this heartbreaking tragedy. However, Robert Conquest in his book The Harvest of Sorrow tells of such a horrific event.

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