The Indigo Child

Do you all know Boriska Kipriyanovich? A Russian child who claimed to be from Mars and was born on earth. In 2018, Boriska Kipriyanovich is 23 years old. What's unique about the Boriska Kipriyanovich story?

At the age of 7 he told many things including life on Mars, technology at Mars and most shockingly Boriska Kipriyanovich said he often came down to Earth for trading purposes, research and most importantly to meet with his best friend in Lumeria Civilization!

Boriska Kipriyanovich told the residents that the Lumeria Civilization was mostly 9 meters high. The destruction of the Lumeria Civilization is due to their spiritual neglect.

The Great Civilization of the Lumeria community has been destroyed by one great disaster (not sure what disaster). Boriska Kipriyanovich said… as the disaster unfolded, the entire Lumeria Continent sank and he saw in his own eyes how his friend had died.

"A huge rock had fallen on the building and this caused my friend to die", what was the disaster? it would have been very difficult for us to think logically about how a stone fell on a building and ruined it.

Going back to the story of Boriska Kipriyanovich, when he was one year old, his mother gave him a game of letters while Boriska Kipriyanovich gazed at his mother like an adult reflection. At the age of one and a half years old he can already read large print newspapers.

At the age of two he can paint and color. Not even three years old, Borischa had already told his parents about the universe.

"He can name all the planets in the solar system including satellites. He told me the names and numbers of the galaxies. At first, I was scared and thought my son might be lost his mind, but when I checked what he said, it was true.

"I was looking for books on astronomy and was shocked to find my son knew a lot about it. No one taught him, "When I took my son to many scientists including physiologists, astronomers and historians, they agreed that it was impossible to put all this together into one story. "The foreign and scientific terms that he uses are only used by those who are experts in the field of science,"

His mother also told Borischa Wisdom that it was difficult for him to study at school. After the first interview, he was transferred to the second grade, but the school seemed to try to get rid of him.

He was said to be constantly interrupting the learning process by the teachers and often saying they were wrong. Later, he studied with a private tutor.

When interviewed in October 2007 by the Camelot Project, Borischa was almost 12 years old. He was said to be studying at a school near Moscow devoted to genius children.

Professor Vladislav Lugovenko has described the birth of Boriska Kipriyanovich as an indigo child of extraordinary abilities. If this were true, the birth of a child like Boriska Kipriyanovich would change the world.

The study of the Lumeria Civilization Myth is not yet over, so the news comes out. Did you know that this was news that happened in 2008 but it was only published and updated by the Russian local newspaper on October 5, 2010 without directly mentioning the story of the Lumeria Civilization told by Boriska.

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