The Most Haunted House In England

The Borley Rectory was once named 'England's most haunted house'. The house was said to be haunted by Harry Price, a ghost hunter of the time. Over the years Price has been investigating the Borley Rectory, it became well-known as Price personally experienced various paranormal activity at the house.

There are books that show some pictures of homes and writing that appear suddenly on the wall, warning such as 'rest' and 'please get help' to a woman named Marianne.

The house was built in 1862 by the Rev Henry Bell for his wife and 14 children. The house is a Victorian-era mansion located in the village of Borley, Essex, England.

Behind the construction of the Borley Rectory is another house on the ground that Rev Henry Bell wants to build. The house is owned by a priest. Rev Henry Bell has demolished the house to provide space for his new home.

Among other things that remain a question of whether the demolished building is an old church site. And there is also the tragic story of an illicit love affair between a priest and a nun in which both are found dead.

Paranormal activity were reported less than a year after the home was occupied. The flying spirit nun's can be seen there. Rev. Bell Sr. finally died in 1892 and his son Rev. Harry Bell moved into the Rectory with his family and some of his siblings. They also saw the spirit in the house.

Until 1928 when Rev. Smith and his family moved into the house, strange things began to happen. Often strange incidents led the Smiths' family to contact the local newspaper for help.

The journalist in charge of the case contacted Harry Price and his association to investigate but Mrs. Smith felt that Harry Price was the person responsible for all the bizarre incidents. The Smiths 'family then decided to move out and soon the Foysters' family took over.

But a more bizarre incident occurred when suddenly a bottle was thrown to the wall and strange writing appeared on the wall addressed to Mrs. Foyster. Mrs. Foyster was also disturbed in her sleep in the middle of the night and was thrown away.

Persistent disturbance eventually forced the Foysters' family to move out of the house and Harry Price rented the house for a year. He lives with a group of psychics who study the strange events that occur in the house.

The paranormal activity is still going on but not as often as the Foysters were still living there. Eventually, Harry Price's tenure ended, and the Rev family moved in 1939.

The Borley Rectory was finally burned in 1939. An oil lamp fell and hit several boxes as they cleaned the house and caused the fire to destroy the house.

Part of the site remained until the house was demolished in 1944. Harry Price died in 1948, a paranormal activity haunting Borely Rectory that made Price famous in the Paranormal world.

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