The Mystery Of Disappeared SS Ship In The Same Oceans Of Titanic Tragedy

The public knew of the tragedy of the Titanic shipwreck on the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. In fact, it has also been adapted into a movie and gained worldwide recognition.

However, have you ever known that despite the tragedy, there were far more luxurious and powerful ships in the world aboard the ocean in 1909?

Mysterious secrets, now a multi-party question. If the Titanic had previously collapsed due to collision with a large iceberg, but the loss of this luxury ship is unknown.

The luxury boat in question is called Waratah. It is owned by the Blue Anchor Ocean Transport Corporation Australia. The name Waratah is taken in the name of a flower found in the city of New South Wales, Australia.

According to records, it was one of the few ships traveling from England to Australia using the Cape of Good Hope route in South Africa. However, in 1909, the vessel with a cargo capacity of 6500 tons with 210 passengers was suddenly lost.

To date, there has been no response and concrete evidence shows how the ship was wrecked. Various questions and assumptions were raised by various parties. But no one has been able to clearly prove that the ship's shipwreck.

Therefore, all parties have to agree that the ship is not known whether it was lost in the ocean or whether it was lost for other reasons. However, the 150-meter-long boat was once recognized as an anti-sinking vessel by the Scottish shipbuilding company Barclay.

The recognition was made in 1908. A year later, it suddenly disappeared. The situation has prompted many shipping experts to seek answers to the incident.

The story of the ship's tragedy began on its voyage to Australia from England. Along the way, the luxurious cabin has held a variety of festive parties. On the way through South Africa, the ship Waratah anchored briefly east of Afsel before heading for Cape Town.

While in Afsel, there was a sudden storm. One of the 211 passengers on this luxury ship decided to discontinue the trip. He was worried something bad might happen. The passenger was Claude Sawyer. He got off the ship and stayed in Durban while waiting the storm cool down.

Claude Sawyer's actions did not cause other passengers to worry. They were confident that the ship would remain strong despite the high mountain pressure. Examination of the sailor on the hull structure also indicates that they do not need to worry.

According to Claude, he thought something was wrong with the ship. One night, he had a dream, the ship was overturned by a huge wave from the sea before it disappeared toward the horizon.

Claude said that while in Durban, the captain of the ship named Joshua E. IIbery had inspected and found that the ship had been overloaded. This will caused the ship to sink. However, Captain Joshua's opinion was not taken care of by the other ship's officers. They believe the ship is strong and safe and able to continue to Cape Town.

But it turns out that the Waratah had never arrived in Cape Town as planned and that it was unseen with its passengers. Three months later, an attempt was made to track the ship. The expedition is also to find answers to the mysterious mysteries of this world's history. The three-month investigation found no effect. A search by the Australian Royal Navy also found a dead end.

In 1929, a soldier suddenly discovered a shipwreck in an area near South Africa's Cape of Hope. The incident was recorded as the discovery of an unidentified shipwreck.

Then in 1962, a pilot was spotted aboard a ship in the belly of the Afsel. The shadow resembles a Waratah ship. The pilot continued to record the coordinates of the place and the information went to the knowledge of South African geologist Peter Lamuzy. Further studies Lamuzy discovered a fragment of a ship.

After all, it was found that it was a German-type submarine belonging to the German army that broke out during World War II. To date, no one knows what happened to this ship. Even Claude Sawuer doesn't know what happened.

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