The Mystery Of An Unsolved Death In Germany 1984

In 1984, Günther Stoll was an unemployed man who worked as an engineer in the food industry. In addition to having financial problems at the time, he was also paranoid. Stoll always believed that he was the target of someone or something of evil power.

Every day Stoll would share his fear of 'them' with his wife. According to Stoll, he always saw dark shadows hovering around him. Whoever or whatever the shadows were, Stoll believed 'they' were trying to harm him.

On the evening of October 25, as Stoll was relaxing in his bedroom, he suddenly woke up and shouted, "Jetzt geht mir ein Licht auf!" (Now I understand!).

His wife was shocked to see Stoll reach for a pen and a piece of paper, and the man continued to write the phrase: 'YOGTZE' or 'YO6TZE'.

Investigators are arguing here that the letter 'G' is actually no. “6.” However, Stoll simply ignored the mystery message and decided to leave. The night was late, but Stoll was hoping to enjoy an alcoholic drink.

He then rides his Volkswagen Golf car and drives to the town of Wilnsdorf, heading to his favorite pub where he orders a glass of beer. But before the man could drink, he fell to the floor from the chair he was sitting on, causing his face to burn.

Many witnesses were shocked at the incident because Stoll looked normal and did not get drunk, adding that he had not even touched the glass of beer. The incident happened around 11pm, but the night was still young for Stoll. After being awakened from the effects of the fall, he left the pub and for the next two hours no one knew where the man had gone.

At 1am, Stoll drove to his hometown of Haigerseelbach, about 10km (6 miles) from the town of Wilnsdorf. There he visited the home of a woman he had known since childhood. The woman was unhappy with Stoll's presence that night and did not allow him into the house.

But she was willing to listen to what her old friend had to say, including warnings about a terrible event. Then the woman asked him to return home. However, Stoll ignored his friend's words. In fact, he disappeared into the unknown place for another two hours.

At 3am, two truck drivers spotted a wrecked VW Golf car on the side of the Autobahn A 45. Upon inspection, they found Stoll sitting in the front passenger seat in naked, severely injured, and almost unconscious.

When one of the truck drivers was calling for help, Stoll explained to another that he was riding in the car with four strangers who then ran off in the car. Finally, the ambulance arrived and rushed Stoll to the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away before he arrived.

During the interrogation, the truck driver told police that they noticed a man wearing a white jacket in the accident fleeing from the scene when they stopped the truck.

This is a fact that further aggravates the case; According to forensic investigations and results, Stoll was believed not to have been killed in the car, instead, was pulled over by a vehicle in a different location and was later left to die in his car.

Many aspects have been taken into account in Stoll's death. His scary predictions, the mysteries of YOGTZE's words, and the string of strange events that ended with the man were found naked and injured due to injuries from separate cars.

A popular theory states that Stoll was probably hit by a car whose plate was 'YOGTZE' or 'YO6TZE'. The man's strange attitude at the beginning of the day may have something to do with his psychic predictions.

But if 'murder' is not taken into account, the strange things that happened to Stoll in 1984 can be explained in terms of his mental health. It is impossible for him to have severe paranoia. Writing random letters, suddenly collapsing in public, looking for old acquaintances and banging in front of her in the middle of the night, these are signs that the man may have lost his sanity.

To explain the scene in which Stoll finds his death, it is common for people with mental illness to take off their entire clothes. It is possible that a vehicle was hit by a Stoll who was wandering the road in a naked night in the darkness of night. The driver and his frightened passengers later put Stoll in his own car and took him to another location. But what puzzles the investigators is, why did they risk leaving him on the busy road A-45?

However, that is just speculation that is skeptical. To be sure, German police have officially considered Stoll's death a crime that has never been solved. Many people around the world are trying to find the truth behind YOGTZE in one of the most challenging and exciting old cases taken from the German criminal archive.

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