This City Is Full Of Dead People

If a city is usually populated by people with many activities, but is different from a city in California called Colma.

Although home to more than 1.5 million people, Colma is a very quiet city because many people live there were actually died. The city is close to the San Francisco peninsula.

Quoting from Oddity Central, in 1887, San Francisco was known as the city where they died. In times of gold mining and commerce, immigrants from all over the world came to this city in search of new life. However, they came with the virus and many have been sacrificed.

Not only were they considered virus carriers, they were also called "landlords" for having built 27 cemeteries. Therefore, in 1900, the State Supervisory Board banned them from burying more in the city and forcing them to do so on larger grounds, such as Laurel hill and Calvary Cemetry.

Despite being banned, immigrants maintained bodies buried in their original places. However, since 1942, only two cemeteries have been located in San Francisco - The San Francisco National Cemetery and Mission Dolores Cemetery.

To this day the cemetery remains, but does not accept a new body for burial. Four decades later, Bishop Patrick Riordan decided to build a new burial ground in a valley about eight kilometers from Colma. Since then, as many as 150 thousand bodies have been transferred from San Francisco to this dead city.

The city of Colma was then crowned as the only city in the world where more people died than people lived. The comparison has not changed to this day.

About 1.5 million bodies are buried here and it is estimated that 75 bodies will be brought to this city daily. To this day, the city of Colma is known as the city of "underground dwellers"

Some nicknames are also given to Colma cities, such as The City of the Silent, The City of Souls, or The City of the Dead.

Residents here have also never been bothered by the presence of these bodies. They feel comfortable living in the city of Colma.

Among the well-known people buried in the city is the inventor of Levi's brand, Levi Strauss.

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