This Hotel Is Located In Two Different Country

When traveling on holiday in a country, the most important habit for a tourist is place to stay. Each hotel has its own uniqueness, one of it is Hotel Arbez. Hotel Arbez's full name is Arbez Franco-Suisse. The hotel is located on the border of 2 countries namely Switzerland and France.

Unique to this hotel is its level. Level 1 belongs to the French country, and  the second level, the tourist automatically in Switzerland border. Although not a 5 star hotel, the Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse is very attractive to most people.

According to its history, the hotel dates back to 1862 when the governments of the two countries agreed to create a border between them.

Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse is located 8 kilometers from Geneva, 601 Rue de la Frontière, La Cure. Incidentally, the middle point of the 2-state border was there so the landowner thought to open a business. The businessman was Monsieur Ponthus.

Eventually Monsieur Ponthus created 2 different businesses on 2 floors. Then when the building was sold in 1921, it was eventually owned by a man named Jules-Jean Arbeze.

The building on the land was transformed into a hotel known as the Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse. At each floor or country, there are rooms for guests to choose from.

If you want to go to France, you can stay on the 1st floor and if you want to be in Switzerland stay on the 2nd floor. If you stay here, not only the room, the kitchen is in a different country than your room.

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