This Island Can Move With Its Own

Geographically, it is impossible for an island to move quickly. Back in the millions of years ago, the islands had the possibility of moving, but it did happen for a long time.

This is due to the rising sea level and causing the island to erode gradually. In some cases, we still find an island that can move by itself, the name of the island is Schiermonnikoog that can change from year to year.

In ancient times, the island was inhabited by nuns until it was named that way. The meaning of Schiermonnikoog is derived from the word Monnik meaning monk, while Schier means gray. According to the Dutch, gray is a favorite color of nuns.

In Dutch, Oog means island. So it is clear that Schiermonnikoog contains the meaning of the Island of Nuns. From various sources, the geography is located 2 kilometers north. Researchers have concluded that each year the island experiences a movement of 262 meters.

After doing some research, it's finally been clear why Schiermonnikoog Island can move around on its own. This phenomenon is not due to mystical power, but the effect of mixing wind currents and tidal currents.

The fluctuating seawater causes erosion of rocky cliffs along the mainland. Because of the combination of tidal currents and the sea, the island has moved elsewhere.

Due to the size of the island at only 224 km2, the government has allowed only 200 of the 1000 inhabitants of the island to be allowed to own a car with a special license. The island is very unique.

The shape is horizontal and unobtrusive so many visitors use the bike while watching the surrounding scene.

The island's security forces have provided a special line for cars although the island is rarely crossed by cars. It is also difficult to find a motor vehicle.

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