Three Guards In Flannan Island Tower Missing

Flannan Islands is a small island located in Scotland. Nearby are Lewis and Harris islands, which are also small islands. The name Flannan is derived from the name of Saint Flannan who was an Irish priest of the 7th century.

On Flannan Island there is a tower whose construction began in 1895. The tower was designed by David Alan Stevenson and completed in 1899.

The tower is located on the highest point of the island at Eilean Mor facing the west coast of Scotland. Only one year since its first operation, the tower has left a mysterious story that has not yet been revealed.

The story begins on a night of December 15, 1900. That night, heavy rain fell around the Flannan Islands. The Fairwind's ship happened to be crossing the island.

The crew of the ship inside were surprised that the lighthouse did not turn on light. Likewise, other ships docking in Oban also reported that the light at the Flannan Island tower was not working at all. Meanwhile, the island's keepers were three men, Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald McArthur.

A few days later, on December 20, 1900, a relief ship, The Hesperus, was assigned to carry out an inspection there. However, due to the high tide, the ship had to sail 6 days later.

The voyage was led by Captain James Harvey and accompanied by Joseph Moore and brought with him some supplies and assistance to Flannan Island. Upon arriving on the island, Moore and his crew discovered that there was something strange on the island. Captain James Harvey horned the ship several times, but no one welcomed them.

Finally, they decided to check the place immediately as they found more and more strange things. After docking, they found the gate and the main door of the tower were locked and the flag was not on the flag pole as usual. As if no one has ever lived there. The place is quiet.

They then tried to enter the tower. But they found the situation to be odd. The three guards who were supposed to be in charge of the tower were gone. The lights were out, the beds there were collapsed and the chairs in the kitchen all turned upside down and the clock on the wall were gone.

In addition, two sets of outdoor fixtures are missing and there is only one left. While these outdoor fixtures are useful to protect them from the inclement weather at any time. Only Donald McArthur's equipment remains.

The disappearance of three of these tower keepers has sparked speculation, as three seaweeds were found on the tower's stairs and a note left by the guard. Some theories have finally been put forward about the disappearance of the guards.

(From left: Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald McArthur)

The first theory is that these people were submerged in the sea and carried away by the waves. As you know, in December 1900 there was heavy rainfall around the Flannan Islands. This theory is the most appropriate theory to solve the mystery of this loss. Other theories suggest that the island was attacked and they were kidnapped or killed.

The scary theory of this case researcher says that one of the tower guards was suffering from a mental disorder in which one of them killed the other in a certain way and that person ended his life by committing suicide to eliminate the effects. Just like the story in Agatha Christie's novel "And Then There Were None".

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