Tiyanak Creatures In Philippines

The cry of a little baby can really scare anyone, especially if it happens in the middle of the night.

On average, in the Philippines, they believe the baby's crying is not the voice of a baby who may wake up in the middle of the night because of thirst or demand for diapers.

Instead, it was the cry of a ghost of Tiyanak or Tianak who drank human blood. In the belief of the Filipino people, there is a ghost named Tiyanak and described as a baby.

The baby-like cry was intended to draw people closer to him and make them a victim by killing and sucking their blood.

As the victim approaches, Tiyanak will change by showing a scary face and will suck his blood to death.

Although Tiyanak is rumored to have various stories, most stories have the same version that Tiyanak would disguise as a baby and would cry aloud to entice his prey.

During the Spanish colonial period in the Philippines in the 16th century, the myth of Tiyanak was told in accordance with Christian beliefs.

In the version, Tiyanak is described as a baby spirit who has died before having a religious ceremony to purify himself.

"Imagine walking through a village, suddenly seeing the whole body of a baby crying.

As a human being, we certainly will not let the baby cry, "said a resident of the Mandaya tribe in the islands around Mindanao.

As the victim raises the baby for rescue, the baby's face will suddenly change by showing the sharp fangs and nails before tearing its prey.

For the Mandaya community, they believed that Tiyanak was the spirit of a baby who died with his mother while in the womb and was buried together.

In another belief, they claimed that Tiyanak was the spirit of a baby who died a cruel death or a baby left by his mother to die of starvation and made human blood his drink.

Some reports say that Tiyanak was also found to resemble an old man's body with a wrinkled, long beard, long nose and black eyes.

For Filipinos, they are especially careful when it comes to women carrying babies at night, as they are told that Tiyanak can also pretend to be another person.

supposedly, Tiyanak likes to attack stray travelers in the jungle or outsiders who move to a settlement because they do not know the people there, making it easier for them to reach them.

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