Who Was Behind The Black Robe And The Bird Mask During The Black Death

The Black Death, which took place in Europe from 1346 to 1353, lost 75 million to 200 million people. The disease is caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis that is the cause of the disease
plague. In common with the disease, people appeared in black robe and wore a bird mask.

According to historyonthenet.com, the men in black robe and masked birds were called the Plague Doctor. They dress in such a way that they want to prevent the spread of the black disease on themselves.

The idea was to be used by doctors from the great kings of France. The bizarre designs of many benefits came as The Black Death began to spread from one region to another in Europe.

Charles de l'Orme was the personal physician of the three great French kings (Henri IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV) who designed the costume that was shaped like a robe.

(Charles de l’Orme)

The black robe worn by Doctor Plague is made from specially designed goat skins. The surface is covered with wax and has a suede-coated shape hidden behind the mask. The cloak is to prevent contact with the patient's skin.

Doctor plague leather hat also have a variety of functions at the time. The hat explains his status to society as a health expert. In addition, the use of a leather hat can also protect doctors' heads from bacterial infections that spread in the air.

Doctor Plague's staff is used to study patients. It also serves to direct the deceased's family members how and where to relocate the sick and to expel infected people who have given up on themselves. Doctor Plague was also exempt from being targeted and died during The Black Death.

Doctor Plague wore a bird-shaped mask to avoid exposure to the virus that had the black disease. According to ranker.com, the mask comes with medicines, mint leaves, straw, Morhabshi substances and a variety of spices to filter the air as doctors will be confronted with the stench of dead bodies.

At one glance, the appearance of Doctor Plague seems scary. With an all-black robe, staff and headed as a bird. They also appeared in the wake of The Black Death that hit Europe at the time and made the public feel they were monsters or something, while they were the specialists who survived The Black Death.

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