WikiLeaks Establishment History

WikiLeaks has been a hot topic for a long time. Until now even though its founders have been arrested, it is still a worry in some countries. The website WikiLeaks has previously been shaken and feared by several countries.

Exactly in July 2010 when the non-profit site leaked millions of US secret documents about the war in Afghanistan. The document was then leaked to Wikileaks website and was accessible to the public.

Who exactly is the man behind WikiLeaks who once managed to unravel the facts and secrets of various countries?

The person in question is Julian Paul Assange, a co-founder and spokesman for WikiLeaks. He has been developing the whistle-blower site since December 2006. Assange is an Internet activist and journalist from Australia.

Prior to establishing WikiLeaks, the man was born on July 3, 1971, and was a graduate of mathematics and physics working as a programmer.

In 2006, Assange decided to focus on the development of WikiLeaks.

He is involved in collecting documents and investigating a case of unsolved murder in Kenya. In addition, he was involved in the dumping of toxic substances on the African coast.

This is followed by the publication of the Church of Scientology manuals, procedures in the Guantanamo Bay, and important materials involving large banks such as Kaupthing and Julius Baer.

Perhaps some of the Assange's findings mentioned are still foreign to you. However, the most striking thing in the world was when Assange unveiled hundreds of thousands of US military documents, including the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

On November 28, 2010, WikiLeaks and five other media partners successfully unveiled the documents on cablegate wikileaks's website. Unfortunately, the website was immediately closed to domain owners in the United States.

Ever wonder where Wikileaks keeps all the data they stole? Certainly the place they choose is not the usual place. At least the place must be safe and in a politically neutral country like Switzerland.

The lab must be sophisticated, at least like the James Bond story. But where? In fact, its founder Julian Assange chose a different country, not Switzerland.

The Wikileaks server is actually hosted in Stockholm, Sweden by 'Banhof ISP', a server lab located in a nuclear bomb shelter, located 100 feet below a rocky mountain.

All of these pictures are Wikileaks labs, taken by Swedish photographer Jann Lipka.

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