A Couple Wants To Divorce Will Be Arrested

In Transylvania, they have a unique way to keep their people from getting divorced. The way is, the couple will be locked up in the Marriage Prison. Romania has a village whose residents hate divorce so much. The village is located in Biertan. Biertan Village is a world heritage village located in the City of Transylvania.

Located in the courtyard of a church, there is a small building that serves as a 'therapy' place for couples who want to get a divorce. The way is, couples who want or are about to get divorced will be put together in a room called the prison of marriage.

The couple who want to get divorced will be locked up in the room for 6 weeks by the local government. They both need to work to resolve their problems by talking to each other during confinement. The prison is quite small and contains a desk, bed, pillow, and blanket. All of this needs to be shared by the couple for 6 weeks.

Today, the prison building has become a Museum. However, the prison room still retains old furniture in commemoration of the function of this room. Any couple who wants to get a divorce can come to this village and report on their marriage issues.

Those who still want to defense their households (usually men) are reluctant to use this marriage prison as a step toward preventing divorce.

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