Crown Shyness, A Phenomenon When Trees Don't Want To Touch Each Other

There are natural phenomena that are quite unique to some tree species, where some leaves of one tree and another do not want to touch. This phenomenon is called Crown Shyness.

This is common among trees of the same type, but sometimes also in different trees. When viewed from the bottom, it is clear that the leaves and branches of the tree do not want to touch any other tree, thus forming an attractive foliage. The visual effect that shaped it was like a river.

This uniqueness was first observed by scientists in the 1920s. Scientists have been trying to reveal how these trees can control the growth of their leaves without touching other leaves. To date, there has been no consensus among scientists about the cause of this phenomenon.

According to Wikipedia, the phenomenon may be due to the leaves and branches of the tree shifting to one another causing the young leaves to fall and form a splinter. But there are other possibilities.

They can be formed because the tree can control the growth of its leaves from overlapping or intermingling with leaves from other trees. As a result, there will be a gap that will allow sunlight to penetrate the main leaves as the main ingredient for photosynthesis.

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